Action, offstage

So, while my bloggery here has been a bit spotty, I do want to keep in touch with you all to let you know what I’m up to, elsewhere.

If you jump over to our Music Video Blog, you can see the progress we’re making on our video and the Kickstarter campaign we’re gearing up for.

Stay classy, intarwebs.

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One thought on “Action, offstage

  1. Heru

    I think they should anncunoe very soon. It was supposed to be September but they kept postponing. Follow Kuwait University official twitter account. They will anncunoe there so you won’t miss it. As for the TOEFL, GRE and GMAT, you have to submit along with your application but you can submit newer GMAT, TOEFL and GRE scores to the department you are applying to before the interviews.


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