Axis of Awesome

James’ phone went missing for two days. We searched everywhere – under couch cushions, in the freezer, the bathroom cupboards, the cars, James looked through his backpack, I dug through my purse, we checked the pockets of pants and jackets that hadn’t been worn in months, we called local businesses, etc. And it was no where to be found.


Yesterday, I got an email from James:

J: Found my phone!!!!!!!

LJ: GREAT! Where was it??

J:  Here’s my theory.

Our house — with you, me, and the Spaghetti monster living in it — has become an axis for all the awesome power in the universe. So much awesome, in fact, that it ripped a hole in the time space continuum and my phone fell into it. For a period of a thousand years (but only two days to us on earth) it fell through wormhole after wormhole, passing through various worlds and times, being worshiped by primitive beings, studied by archeologists of advanced races, and ultimately being swallowed by a Flying Acid-Spewing Tyrannosaurus Rex with a genetically enhanced brain that drives a modified fire engine-red 1957 Chevy Bel Air cloth top … a creature SO awesome, that it immediately got sucked back into the axis of awesome where it regurgitated my phone right into … my backpack.

So it really wasn’t my fault.

LJ: Uh huh.

An image captured by James' phone on its voyage through time and space. Kidding, this image belongs to - which you should totally check out if you have not already.

10 thoughts on “Axis of Awesome

  1. Katrina

    At least yours is an axis of awesome. Ours just has a black hole. Seriously, last year we managed to lose a whole tripod. Not kidding. It’s somewhere in the house (we’re pretty sure since we called up all the places we last used it). How does one lose a professonal tripod? It’s not like they’re small!! Maybe it’ll show up at your house via this series of wormholes. Please let us know if it appears.


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