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This trend has been bothering me for a while



Naming books after a character (commonly female), based off of their relationship to another character. Maybe it’s that thing within me that hates to be defined by something other than myself or my own accomplishments.  I don’t go around calling myself the Teacher’s Daughter, or the Writer’s Wife.

I found several other examples including: The Shoemaker’s Wife, The Apothecary’s Daughter, The Orphan Master’s Son, and The Blacksmith’s Son.

ONE CONCESSION: I do suppose these titles might be more interesting than just calling the books Bess, Magdalena, Clare, Phoebe, Sarah or Teresita.

The only title I can find that makes me think “hm, ok, that’s fine” is The Tiger’s Wife (which I haven’t read) which refers to an unnamed deaf-mute woman who befriends a tiger.  That is admittedly kind of cool.

How it Flew from Her

From her mouth. It gathered its small, soft body and leapt
forward, up and out. And then it was gone. She knew
because of the dark hollow in her chest, like the place a woodpecker makes,
keeps making, until it’s emptied the wood of food
and moved on. She didn’t try to stop it, because she didn’t know
what it was; what came from her mouth
looked like a white moth, the kind that eats wool, so she clapped her hands,
chased it to the window, pulled the shade down
and pretended that was that. It’s surprising it stayed
as long as it did, because most of all, she made it wait. She made it wait
while she beat a dead horse, hit the nail on the head, drove her point home,
split hairs, threw fat on the fire, killed birds with a stone.
Naturally, it grew tired of waiting,
tried to tell her, made a few practice runs, beat its wings;
she could feel it, don’t tell me she couldn’t, she could hear
the wings beat. She still feels it, like when you lose an arm or leg
and it aches but there’s nothing there
to ache. That’s how hollow she feels. She talks a lot, laughs
with her mouth open wide. Not everyone knows why,
but I do: she’s making a place for it to come back to.

Amy Dryansky


(Discovered this bit o’poesy thanks to MightyGirl.)

The happiest place on earth is just inside my ribcage.

Yes, I feel cheesy enough right now to write an embarrassing blog title.

I can’t remember a time when we lived close to family. Visits to see my grandparents and cousins were special occasions – holidays or birthdays, always bookended with long car rides home. In some ways, the distance forced us to make the time together more meaningful with longer hugs, more elaborate meals, more “I love you”s. I’ve always felt a deep love for and from my family…but I’ve also felt far away from them.

As an adult living half a country away, with (wonderful) in-laws living in a whole other region altogether, it’s only gotten harder to bridge that gap.

But sometimes, amazing nuggets of opportunity to connect with family pop up – like this last weekend.  I got to spend time with my cousins Bianca and Laurel, Laurel’s boyfriend Adam, and our baby cousin Nichole. And, for once, living in Southern California worked in my favor because we all met here so we could go to DISNEYLAND. Plus, we got to spend that day with some of my west-coast friend-family – Beck, Ben, Mike and Jessie.

You know that feeling you get right after you open a present on Christmas morning and it’s exactly what you wanted? I had that feeling all weekend.

We got to be silly and have fun, and we got to indulge one little girl and make her feel like a princess all weekend.

Nichole and Bianca - The coldest beach visit EVER.

A thoughtful moment.


So much conviction. So much pretty.

The obligatory teacup ride.

Seconds after I took this picture she said,"That was probably my best smile ever!"

The best part is that this is turning in to a full week of family time. Tomorrow, James and I are going to celebrate our second anniversary with wine and scrabble. On Wednesday, I’ll be flying home to Missouri to spend some time with my parents while my mom is on spring break. I’m going to get to play pool with my Grandpa in Nebraska and spend some sweet time with my Grandma in Iowa. My heart is a deep down kind of happy.

(You can see some of Beck’s awesome pictures of the friends on her blog post here. Somehow, I didn’t get many publishable pictures of the friends – I’m guessing since my camera was trained on Nichole all day. The testament of my friendship is that I’m NOT going to post the most awesome picture of Jessie ever, featuring her showing us how to properly eat a bread bowl.)

Girls Night – Breaking Dawn

I am so so so excited to share this with you all. Last weekend, a few of the girls got together to watch that horror of horrors: Breaking Dawn (part 1) annd….we kinda filmed our reactions.

Just be forwarned about three things:

1) the sound can get a little loud since we do a fair amount of squealing.

2) there may or may not be one or two swear-type words in here (but not many), so if you are sensitive to that it may make you a little uncomfortable.

3) if you are a dyed in the wool “I LOVE TWILIGHT AND EVERYTHING THAT SPARKLES” type person, this is not the video for you. Because we are not those people.