Our house is in shambles. (Wait, what is that phrase?  Is a house IN shambles, or is a house A shambles?  Its… oh, I’ll Google it later.)

This house = shambles.  Multiple shambles.  All of the shambles.

There are boxes full of film-making things just scattered everywhere.  There are enormous spider puppets lounging on my furniture, there are huge glass tubes filled with water and food coloring and the remnants of dry ice.  There are nerf guns and muddy foot prints and tripods and cameras and lights and gels and fog machines and cords.

Not to mention beer bottles and leftover lunch and bowls full of “special effects” goop and fake blood and towels that were used to clean the “special effects” up.

And there is joy

and laughter

and momentum to get these projects done.

And that’s what happens around here (and, I imagine, at your house, too) when creative things happen.

Things get messy.

And then things get cleaned up.

And it makes me so deep-down-in-my-toes-tingly-happy to help him make this happen.

Even if it means staying out of the way

and babysitting the frightened puppy

and blogging by myself.



11 thoughts on “Shambles

  1. Mary Jacobson Smith

    That spider, even though I know it’s not real and has been lurking at your house for while scared the %#@$ out of me. I love that you love the mess and don’t just tolerate it, all the while sighing and rolling your eyes in a corner. You’re awesome.

    1. Laura Jane Post author

      James gasped when he he opened the package it came in!! It’s pretty realistic! Also, yes. This mess is awesome and (believe it or not) inspiring. It motivates me to get my own projects going…which is *exactly* what I’m working on next :)

  2. Abe

    I get what you’re saying, and I’m with you and you know I love and support you in all you do.

    This is just a side comment.

    I will never ever ever ever ever ever come over to your house again as long as you have horrid, frightening, evil spider puppets at your place.

    1. Laura Jane Post author

      Abe – I laughed SO hard when I read this comment.
      I will hide them next time you come over.
      Also – we may or may not have two beer batch commissions. Let’s get together soon?

    1. Laura Jane Post author


      But I’ll make sure to keep them locked up next time anyone comes over!

      Also, I’m very excited about our upcoming messes with needlepoint and things.

  3. Niki

    Count me in as another arachnophobe. And as for messes, my home is the same way; I don’t mind until my mom decides to pop in with five minutes’ warning (or less) and then feels the need to clean my house all the while griping. I’m an INFP, and that’s in the personality description (messy world, organized portfolio/project). ;) It’s only when it reaches the point where I can’t remember where to step in the dark that I realize, whoop! Time to clean up! And boy, howdy, do I, since that’s my project.

    So, yeah, I feel ya.

    1. Laura Jane Post author

      hehe, I’m an ENFP, which makes the messes sometimes a little more ..ehem… permanent (read: I have a hard time *finishing* projects) though, James has an awesome ability to see projects through to completion, so it’s something I’m working on.

  4. KathyB.

    I think James’ mother probably agrees with you in all you’ve written about the messy, creative, and playful life of the man you love. However, I too, will never willingly place myself anywhere near I might have even the most remote chance of encountering THAT monstrous spider, even though I know it is not real! (shivering with fright at the thought)


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