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The Redneck Cookbook: Redneck Blintzes

Okay okay okay.  So, if we’re sticking to my dad’s rules for “Redneck Recipes” then this one will definitely not fit the bill since you have to dirty more than one utensil.  But, French cooking seems a little complicated sometimes, so maybe their redneck recipes are more complicated too.  Wait, are blintzes French?  uhhh… well, it’s okay even if they’re not because these breakfast pastries only resemble blintzes in that they are fried. Kind of.
Also, when I whipped these puppies up the first time, I only took one picture of them while they were being made because I had no idea they would turn out so good.  I posted this one lame iPhone picture to facebook:
And when my friend Karen saw it, she decided she wanted to try it too.  SO all of the pictures you’ll see in this post are from Karen and her adventures with her kids making the Redneck Blintzes.
Mkay, this recipe is disgustingly easy, and I literally invented it on the fly out of things that were just sitting in my cupboard and refrigerator… Believe me, there are some trained monkeys that are better cooks than me.
So.  While I was still living with my roommates at the apartment we call “The Convent”, we had a Saturday morning ritual that included ridiculous amounts of breakfast and coffee type things and foodstuffs galore.
On just one such Saturday, I found the following items in and around our kitchen:
Pillsbury Grands Biscuits
chocolate (CHOCOLATE!)
It started with the biscuits. (and doesn’t it always start with the biscuits?  Those little buggers start the craziest stuff sometimes) I found these Pillsbury Grands Biscuits in the refrigerator and wondered how I could spruce them up to make them even biscuity-er.
And then I eyed some chocolate my boss had given me for Valentine’s day.
“No,” I thought “NO. This idea is too good not to have been thought of before.”
And before I even knew what was going on, I saw my hands opening up the biscuits half way pulling apart the flaky dough layers.  I stuck a flat Lindt chocolate inside, (karen chose Hershey’s, which is also delicious)
then closed them back up.
Then?  Then the crazy overtook me and I decided it was time to get all french on those biscuits’ faces.   (Um.. that sounded weird)
SOMEONE had been making french toast and, well… well, those chocolate filled biscuits had to join them.
I dipped them in the egg/milk/vanilla mixture you use for french toast and set them in a pan on medium heat.
The biscuits rose while they were frying and I had to make it really slow (at least 6-7 minutes) on each side to “bake” all the way through.
Then? (there’s MORE you say??!?!)  Well THEN, I pulled them out of the pan and rolled them in cinnamon and sugar.

Served them hot and gooey, I did.

Karen really made some good improvements on them, too.  I had a small problem in that the biscuits didn’t rise *all* the way being fried in the pan.  Karen solved this by frying them first and then sticking them in the oven (in the same pan they were being fried in) for about 10 minutes.

Duh. lish.

Colorado Road Trip

This weekend was hard.

Our friends Mary and Greg and their babyboy Jake moved to a faraway land called Colorado.

We did a total of 22 hours of driving in two days with seven drivers, a UHaul, two cars and two dogs.

And while I know I felt rushed and tired trying to make it to Denver for our flight home at 6pm on Sunday, I know the trip was longer and harder for others.

I am tired.  And I am sad that friends we made so quickly and easily are moving so far away.

If you live in Colorado:  you’re welcome.  We have just brought you one of the coolest families I’ve ever met.

Please take care of them for us.

How to plan a wedding in Los Angeles for under $10,000. Part III

Well.  We got hitched.  And the pictures are in!

If you’re a stranger here, and you’re looking into planning a wedding on the cheap, I stand the advice I’ve given before here and here.

But, my last bit of advice, after all is said and done, is probably going to be the most important.  I have experienced some insane amounts of generosity from my friends over the past couple months planning this wedding.    You probably will too.  So my final bit of advice is to find a way to be as generous as those you’re surrounded by.  While I’m looking for those opportunities, I want to take some time to acknowledge the fact that without the help of so many talented friends, we MIGHT have had people drinking water out of paper cups while they listened to a justice of the peace marry us. *Noooot* that that would have been bad… it just wasn’t the theme we were going for.

So.  Getting married is in no way like winning an Oscar, except that you always have tons of people to thank.  Luckily, John Williams isn’t here to cut me off after my 90 seconds of air time.

So that being said:

Our friends and family kick ass.


From the very bottom of our hearts a huge thank you goes out to:

Becca, for her floral arrangements, masterful wedding coordinator talents, and general incrediblefriendawesomeness,

to Deniece’s cakestravaganza baking spree which allowed us to give our guests a different flavored cake at every table,

to Mike’s last minute online ordination (he had the chance to be a pastor, a swami, or a rabbi…among other things),

to Seema and Nihar for providing the rockingest playlist we could’ve asked for,

to Jillian and Emily for organizing the food and making sure everyone had happy tummies and enough napkins to keep the BBQ sauce under control,

to Alaina for doing my makeup and making me look presentable (and, I daresay, more like a lady than I ever have before), and Abe my brewing partner who was the driving force behind getting the 10 gallons of beer actually brewed and to the party, and my uncles Timmy and Marty for doing us an ENORMOUS favor by manning the bar all night,

to Lexi and Jessie and Amanda and Mary for keeping me sane and for just somanythings,

To Andrew and Adam and Papa D (and Dave, via the webernets) for keeping James sane,

To our photographer and friend Amber fox and her second shooter Karen ReVelle who gave us incredible images like these to keep forever

to the plethora of mindblowingly talented photographers (Liz, Tim, Regan, Sam, the list goes on) who came to the wedding and kept the flashes going all night,

to Ninja Mary for all the things she did that I may never know about,

to Ken and Gillian for setting up the most beautiful crudite grape tree I’ve ever seen,

to aunts and uncles for coming early and helping set up tables and place settings and making the place look pretty,

to Joe for composing and performing an original piece for our ceremony and for playing “It’s The End Of The World As We Know It” as we ran down the aisle,

to Joel for being a kickassian emcee,

and especially to our parents and family members who trusted us and supported us and let us do this wedding our way,

To so many people who know who they are: We literally owe every special and beautiful moment of that day to the fact that we’re surrounded by loving, ferociously generous people.

Thank you.


A huge huge hug for Amber Fox for letting me use her gorgeous pictures in this post.  You can visit her webiste at and if you JUST can’t get enough pictures of “Operation Nuptial: There Will Be Beer” Amber kindly set up a smugmug gallery here