Blog or Band name?

On Friday, after realizing that I need a new name for my blog, my friend Bob sent me a facebook message with the title “Your blog needs a name.” It  contained the following thoughts:

“Really. It needs a name, and quite badly.

May I make a few suggestions?

1. The Spinning Weasel
2. Llama Tsunami
3. Cranial Squeezins
4. The Smegmadrome (ewwww)
5. The Unlikely Adventures of Professor Barnaby McVishnu (Retired) and his Acrobatic Lobster Collective”

I think a few of these are excellent options, given the content and tone of this place so far.  I think #5 is my favorite and, even if I don’t end up using it, I still want *someone* to write a story with that title.

Bob’s message reminded me that for a long time, I’ve been keeping a list of possible band names.  You know.  Just in case I ever decide to form a band.  As one does.

So.  Here are some of the possible band names I’ve collected over the years  that might do double time as a blog title. Tell me what you think:

Solid Stroganoff

Rancid Butter

Flaming Linoleum

Robbie’s Buzzcut

Albino Turk

Flagrant Babymaking (this one might start rumors)

Psychedelic Muppet

Dookie Twinkle (Inspired by a Dave Chappelle sketch)

Erroneous Monk

Rebellious Chi

Soggy Wasabi

Fists of Meat (might get some alternative traffic I’m not looking for)

Mercenary Baby

Dead Sea Scrolls

Wookie Ice Cream Initiative

Metellus Cimber

Somalian War Child

Jason and the Argonauts

Beantown Evangelist

Fresh Squeezed

Stained Glass Ceiling

Cthulu Groove

Goldilocks Twist

Wartime Marmalade

Pontius CoPilot

So.  That’s all I’ve got for now.  I’m also open for suggestions.

4 thoughts on “Blog or Band name?

  1. Autumn

    Really liked the Wookie one and Flaming Linoleum – there are some great 70’s blog backgrounds you could use for that one. Might also catch your pants on fire. =( Glad you met James so I could find your blog and give myself something to chuckle over. Heehee. I really enjoy your writings!


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